Who are we?

The North Edmonton Apostolic Ministries was born out of a vision from God by several followers of Jesus Christ to reach out in the North Edmonton area. Their vision was confirmed by many prophecies from God's people who had no links or very little knowledge of Alberta, Canada. The inaugural service of NEAM was held on December 21, 2013 at 12235 50 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta.

Our Objectives

  • to promote, establish and maintain a church with services conducted in accordance with the tenets and doctrines of the Holy Bible;
  • to encourage and exhort one another to practice and preach the gospel of our Lord and Jesus Christ, by assembling together on a regular basis;
  • to teach, preach, and advance the teachings of the Holy Bible and the religious tenets, doctrines, observances and culture associated with the gospel of Jesus Christ;
  • to organize and conduct conventions where the gospel of Jesus Christ will be preached by evangelists both at home and abroad;
  • to support and maintain missions and missionaries in order to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ;
  • to share our substances with needy people, to lessen their pain and poverty;
  • to benefit the residents of Alberta by providing support systems for their spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual well-being;
  • to make gifts to other qualified donees (as that term is defined in subsection 149.1(1) of the Income Tax Act (Canada), as amended from time to time) having purposes consistent with the above-described objects; and
  • to acquire, establish, maintain and/or support land and a building for religious worship in accordance with the above-described objects.

Join Us!

We meets every Tuesday (7:00pm) at 12235 50 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta for a time of fellowship with the Lord.